Darth Vader

Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, was the destruction of the Jedi, a master of the dark side of the Force, and one of the Emperor’s most trusted servants. He wasn’t always a fearsome enforcer, however.

He began life as Anakin Skywalker, a young slave from Tatooine skilled in piloting and strong in the Force. His mother said that there was no father. Unexpectidlly, she became pregnent and carried him to terms. Some among the Jedi believed that he was to be part of an ancient prophecy of a Chosen One, willed into life by the midi-chlorians, who would bring balance to the groing darkening Force. There was another possibility, though. The child could have been made by sinister Siths such as the Dark Lords Darth Plagueis and Darth Sidious thought to bring about the perfect apprentice by coaxing life from lifelessness. He was discovered by Obi-Wan Kenobi and his master,Qui-Gon Jinn. He was then taken before the Jedi council to see who would be trainning him. Qui-Gon Jinn wanted to train him but the council made a point of him having Obi-Wan Kenobi as an aprentice.

The council then decide that he shall be trained. They pass him over to Obi-Wan Kenobi for trainning. He thought he could be as skilled as Yoda in trainning witch was saddlly the end of Anikan Skuwalker. and Darth Vader was Born.

Now some questions on Vader.

no.1: Did he really have no farther?

no.2: Who was his mothers parents?

thank you for reading if you have any anwsers for the questions or more questions let me know.



Merlin is a young warlock who lives in Camalot. Camalot is a town that is free of magic …… or so they think. Merlin must keep Arther Pendragon alive and keep his magic a secret. Arther gets into a lot of trouble so Merlin has a tough job. But he still does a good job at it. Keeps himself and Arther alive. Every now and then he goes to the dragon under the castle for advice. of course he wants something in return. Merlin promises him freedom for some strong power. Then Merlin finds out that the lady Morganar is a witch. and a powerfull one at this. Arther thinks Merlin can’t hide anything from him. but he seems to be quite caperble of that. at the end of every episode Merlin and Guyus get the last laugh. Guyus is the kings medic and knows all about magic and stuff. Guyus has Merlin as his assistant. he looks after Merlin for Merlins mother. Guyus knows things that others do not. Uther is the king. Uther Pendragon. Uther hates magic and is at war with it. little does he know that magic is keeping him and his son alive. just for fun I’m gonna say this: in one episode in series two the king marries a troll. every one has got sick in one episode. EG one episode Arther goes on a quest to save Merlin, his servent. then in another one Merlin uses magic moments before the king arrives then goes on a quest to save Arthers life, then he goes again for his mothers then again for Gyuss, until he gets it right. i will put pictures of Merlin and sothers in at the bottom. Gwen Merlins friend and lady Morgarner’s servent. she plays a great deal helping Merlin and serving lady Morgarner. she even helps save Arther onece or twice. the dragon can’t be left out it just wouldn’t be Merlin without the dragon. he helps Merlin and wants only freedom. but he must wait until Arther is king before that.he has all the info needed by Merlin. he helps and saves and even once in a while fights with Merlin. he once made a sword fr Arther to kill the dead but Uther used it instead. that made him angry. they fight and all that but then he is needed for more info. Merlin is a great series and is fun for all the family. Especially if you like harry potter or stuff like that. it is actio packed and is great jousting sword fighting staff duelling and even peace making.anything is posible for Merlin and Arther working together they are a true team. they fight monsters save Camolot and then there own buts. they are a team that will never be defeated……well not easilly anyway. watch the series you will enjoy it everyone does.

merlin in the middle Arther to the right with Uther and Guyus lady Morgarner and Gwen on the left






Uther Pendragon

Rick has books that will be realised in 2010. There will be a new series about camp half blood. The other series to be realised is the Kane Chronicles.
Rick is still to name the camp halfblood series. here is the info gathered so far:

The Kane Chronicles:

The Red Pyramid – May 4, 2010

Untitled Camp Half-Blood Series

Untitled Book – Fall 2010

More Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson

The Lightening Theif

Here I will explain a bit about every book and see what info of the new series Rick will be doing.

In the first book ,like I already told you, Percy finds out that his dad is a Greek god and that he is about to stop the biggest world war 3. he befriends a satyr , which is part human part goat, and a doughter of Athena ,who hates his guts because he is Poseidons kid, and goes from, new york to san fransisco looking for something stollen. he fights the all evil medusa and more then visits the under world. And at the same time looking for his mother. read the book and you will love it.

in number two Percy finds him self good friends with a …….. cyclopes! he

the sea of monsters

gets attacked by some monsters and his cyclopes friend helps him kill them. he then goes with his best friend from last year the doughter of Athena and the cyclopes to camp. he thens

sneaks out of camp with his two friends and goes looking for his friend the satyr. at the same time looking for the golden fleece. will he get his friend and the fleece back to camp? read and find out!

in number three Percy is on a search and rescue mission for two half bloods. in the procces he comes hand to claw with a manticore and while facing it he loses

the titan's curse

his friend he then finds out that while hunting a “dangerous beast” the godde3s Artimas is lost. he must now again sneak out of camp on his pegasis and try to save Artimas his friend and himself! can he do this? read to find out!

in number four our young demigod is going to his new school and finds out that this wierd girl he met last summer is now going to go to the exact same

the battle of the labryinth

school as him. he then fights two empusa(vampire like girls who kill men with a simple kiss) he then has to desend into a

laberinth that in under the whole usa. with his brother cyclopes , his satyr friend , and his best friend Annebeth(the doughter of Athena) he must find deadlus and get himn to help camp halfblood not the titans! and in the whole event he also gets a new dog. the size of a small building. can he do all this and keep the dog under controll? find out by reading the book.

in number five the last and biggest book of the whole series. in this book Percy must fight the evil titan lord Kronos and save the world. BUT acording to the prophercy he read he was going to die as he saves the world. and he may even lose his chance with Annebeth! can he fight Kronos win save the world and …….. himself? find out READ IT!

the last olympian

Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson is a great book about a twelve year old boy who finds out that his dad is not lost at sea but is a greek god. he travels along the usa looking for something that had been stollen from Zeus. he goes from new yourk to sanfransico. on the way he befriends a satyr and another half blood. he fights monsters jumps of archways and even goes to the underworld. this great series of books with Percy and his friends was created by Rick Riordan. there are five books with Percy and each one is greater than the one before.

Doctor who

What is Doctor who? Easy! Doctor who is a program hosted by the BBC. It is a thriller most says.

Here are pictures of the Doctor and his contraptions! He is holding his sonic screwdriver and he is standing in front of the TARDIS.

I will put photos in of those as well. The TARDIS is his time machine and space ship. It is time lord science meaning it is bigger on the inside.

I will get a photo showing the inside. The sonic screwdrivers the Doctors hack-in tool. It can over ride computers cash points (ATMS) and even, its best part can open doors no problem. And can bring back people and things that have teleported away.

And the last thing it can bring the ship to him.

The Doctor has many enemies to face he never gets a day off! I will upload a short clip of Doctor who and a Photo of a few enemies for people to look at.

See the 2009 Christmas special advert

The daleks are the worst enemies of the Doctor. He was the last of the time lords because the time lords and daleks had a time war which is time locked the daleks fled the Doctor fought. The plastic men are enemies tiring to take over the world because there home planet got destroyed! Davros sis the creator of the daleks and was thought to have been killed in the time war. Davros hates the Doctor. Cybermen are the enemies of the daleks and the Doctor. They are minds of humans and bodies of armour. The master is the brother of the Doctor and is always tiring to take over the world. He was thought to be killed in the sound of drums. Now I will show you all the companions that have been with the tenth Doctor. First we will look at Billy Piper as Rose Tyler. She was the best companion ever for the Doctor and he falls in love with her but loses her to a parrell universe. Next we look at Martha Jones the companion after Rose. She was training to be a Doctor in a hospital when the hospital teleported to the moon ….. With her, the Doctor and a ….. Alien. The judoons board the hospital looking for the alien. After all the mess and stuff the Doctor promises one trip to her. And the last companion is Donna noble. She first met the Doctor in the runaway bride. After that she started working then when Martha left the Doctor and Donna were on the same case and saw each other then ran into each other. Then they start going on more adventures. She says good bye when the Doctor and almost everybody he travelled with comes together fighting the Daleks and …. Davros. Then she becomes …. Are you ready? Doctor Donna the Doctor has to erase her memory and she forgets all about him!

I have uploaded one photo of them all together. Enjoy my page on:

Here is a video with Rose and the Doctor before they go different ways in life.

the Doctor and his friends

the Doctor and his friend Rose

the doctor and donna

the Doctor and Donna

the doctor and martha

Rose Tyler

Martha Jones

the master

a cyberman

the last three companions


the plastic men from shops

a dalek the worst enemy of the Doctor

the sonic screwdriver

the TARDIS on the inside

the TARDIS ......from the outside

the Doctor

Rick Riordan’s awards

Rick has earned a great amount of awards which are because of his writing skills!

all of his awards are listed below:

1998 Shamus Award and Anthony Award for Big Red Tequila[5]
1999 Edgar Award for Best Paperback Original for The Widower’s Two-Step[9]
2008 Mark Twain Award for The Lightning Thief
2009 Mark Twain Award for The Sea of Monsters
2009 Rebecca Caudill Award for The Lightning Thief